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Health Professional!

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  • Get trained to speak more effectively on climate and health, then get access to resources, a community of practice and opportunities for action.

  • Take Action by inviting others to join, signing onto MomentUs, joining a community of practice, getting out the vote, or through advocacy.

Join ClimateRx

Sign up to get your free ClimateRx badge, training and resources to help patients and others in your community make the climate and health connection. By signing up you are opting in to our free, private, online Mobilize community where you can collaborate with others and get access to additional resources. You can unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time.*

If you are interested in a bulk shipment of badges, please fill out this form.


*We will not share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your explicit permission.

Thank you for joining ClimateRx and being part of the solution to climate change! Check your email inbox for next steps, including when to expect your badge and additional resources.

How It Works

  1. Sign up to participate:  Fill out the form (below).

  2. Watch a short orientation video, learn how ClimateRx will support you with information, resources, and community. Watch now.

  3. Receive your free kit, including your badge, lanyard and links to additional resources.

  4. Start engaging patients and colleagues, simply by wearing your badge and prompting them to scan the QR code for more information.

  5. Take the training. The Climate for Health Ambassador training is a free 4-hour training to help you speak and act more effectively on climate and health. Receive CME credits, too!

  6. Elevate your leadership by inviting others, taking action, and engaging in advocacy.

ClimateRx is a seamless way to connect with patients and colleagues on how we can respond to the health risks of climate change.

Our ClimateRx commitment to you:

  1. Non-interruptive – healthcare settings are busy places. ClimateRx allows you to introduce more information without interrupting your workflow. We do not believe it is the job of the healthcare provider to deeply educate interested people on climate and health, but rather only to be a mechanism of introduction. 

  2. Non-partisan – we believe that the health impacts of climate change matter to everyone, regardless of political affiliation. ClimateRx will not engage in or promote partisan discourse or activities.

  3. Relatable – we want to meet people where they are. Our educational materials are designed to be tailored to the user. If you are a physician, we offer you ways that ClimateRx can help you to engage your patients on issues related to climate and health. If you are a patient, we offer tailored recommendations to care for your health. We also offer suggestions for how individuals can participate in climate change advocacy, particularly catering to those who are new to this type of activity.

  4. Optional – patients and health professionals decide on their own whether or not they want to engage with ClimateRx. The badge serves as the point of introduction. The decision to scan the QR code or engage with the health professional about ClimateRx is entirely patient (or other health professional) driven.

View the ClimateRx Orientation

ClimateRx offers a short orientation video for health professionals who are new to the program. The orientation covers how the program works, an overview of the health impacts of climate change, and climate communications best practices.  

Get Trained as a Climate for Health Ambassador

Ready to take conversations, action and advocacy for healthy climate solutions up to the next level? Get continuing education credits deepen your knowledge about climate and health at the same time. With this four-hour training offered by ecoAmerica's Climate for Health program, which you can do online and on your own time, you will strengthen your knowledge about climate change, working for climate solutions, and how to speak and advocate on the issue with confidence and success. The training is FREE and comes with presentation resources and an invitation to join a community of practice and collaboration.

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Take Action on Climate

Engaging your patients and colleagues on climate is important, and you can elevate your leadership even farther by taking any of the following actions at any time.


Invite other health professionals to join ClimateRx

Invite others


Share on Social Media:

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  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


Sign the MomentUs Pledge

Join ClimateRx in the call for ambitious and just climate action.

 Together we can ask our elected officials to enact policies that ensure a healthy and prosperous future.


Collaborate with other like-minded people

People all across America are concerned about climate change and want to do more to protect their health, wealth and wellbeing. You can register to join a community of sharing and collaboration, with people who are looking to lend their leadership to climate action.


Train to be a Climate for Health Ambassador

Get continuing education credits deepen your knowledge about climate and health at the same time. This FREE four-hour training is online and on your own time, and covers climate change, solutions, and how to speak and advocate on the issue with confidence and success. 


VOTE, and help others to do the same

One of the best ways to be part of the solution to climate change is to elect leaders of all levels who aim to bring climate solutions forward for the benefit of all of our health and wellbeing. Register to vote, vote, and help others to do the same.


Expand Engagement and Advocate

You have more influence than you think with friends, families and neighbors and in shaping the priorities of your elected officials. Hearing your concerns on how climate change is impacting health, and your call for solutions matters. ClimateRx is here to help.

For questions or feedback, contact us here:

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