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How ClimateRx Works

ClimateRx empowers health professionals to help your patients, colleagues, communities – and even elected leaders – to understand the connection between climate change and health, how to protect their health in a changing climate, and how to be part of the solution to climate change.

  • Sign-up for your badge today. If you already have a badge, be sure to register it!

  • Watch this 5-minute orientation video on how ClimateRx works.

  • Wear your badge every day! Invite people to scan the QR code for information to protect their health.

  • Review these conversation starters for examples of how easy it can be to engage patients and colleagues.

ClimateRx Conversation Starters

Conversations with patients and colleagues about climate change and health can be short, helpful, and straightforward without interrupting care.

Here are a few examples of how to use the ClimateRx badge: 


Heat Waves

“Severe heat waves can be really dangerous – it is worse than it used to be due to climate change. Be sure to stay hydrated, stay cool and to pay attention to weather forecasts and air quality alerts.

You can learn more about how to protect your health in a changing climate by scanning this badge.”

ClimateRx Orientation 3_edited.jpg

Tick Season

“Keep an eye out for ticks on your kids after they play outside! The range for ticks has grown because of the warming climate and Lyme disease can be a really serious infection.

Scan this badge to learn more about how to protect your health in a changing climate.”

ClimateRx Gloria_edited.jpg

Emergency Preparedness

“Hurricane season is starting earlier and getting worse each year. And other climate emergencies are more frequent. So be sure that you have a plan for if the power goes out or you can’t get to a pharmacy.

You can learn more about how to protect your health in a changing climate by scanning this badge.”

ClimateRx is a seamless way to connect with patients and colleagues on how we can respond to the health risks of climate change.

Our ClimateRx commitment to you:

  1. Non-interruptive – healthcare settings are busy places. ClimateRx allows you to introduce more information without interrupting your workflow. We do not it is the job of the healthcare provider to be full-time educators, but rather to be a mechanism for introduction and engagement.

  2. Non-partisan – the health impacts of climate change matter to everyone, regardless of political affiliation. ClimateRx will not engage in or promote partisan discourse or activities. 

  3. Relatable – we want to meet people where they are. Our educational matgerials are designed to be tailored to the user. If you are a health professional, we offer you ways that ClimateRx can help to engage your patients and community on issues related to climate and health. If you are a patient, we offer tailored recommendations to care for your health. We also offer suggestions for how individuals can participate in cliamte change advocacy, particularly catering to those who are new to this type of activity.

  4. Voluntary – patients and health professionals decide on their own whether or not they want to engage with ClimateRx. The badge serves as the point of introduction. The decision to scan the QR code or engage with the health professional about ClimateRx is entirely patient-driven.

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